Commedia in Business


What is it that an actor and a leader have in common?


Both need energy, direction and motivation. Both need to be comfortable in the spotlight, under pressure and in moments of not knowing. This workshop, for small groups of emerging leaders, looks at how to be yourself with more skill.


If a mask is persona, we all wear different masks at different times. We play different roles: parent, friend, work-colleague, work leader, driver, commuter and yet each of these requires a different set of behaviours. This workshop looks at how to be yourself with more skill, through mask work.


Above anything else, Commedia is huge amounts of fun and has proven time and time again to be a successful team building exercise. We will come into your business and run a workshop that has your team working together in masks and creating hilarious stories out of thin air. 

While also utilising techniques in improvisation, clowning and stagecraft, your staff will be picking up valuable lessons in communication and body language. At its very core, this workshop encourages openness and guarantees side-splitting laughter that your team will be talking about for weeks.

"Elliott & Didi's workshop style is accessible, engaging and highly entertaining. Commedia Works just have an energy that is infectious and I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending them to any businesses that are looking to run team building days."

Alex Petrides



"The session brought to the surface the human behaviour and interaction influencing our day-to-day business life. It all comes back to the person you are and how you behave and the tools you have in your toolbox. This course gives you tools to use in your future. It is unique and challenging and Didi is an inspiration, making the learning seamless and profound."


Managing Partner

International Petrochemical Co. 

"Most of our team had never tried anything like this before and I was amazed at how quickly people took to it. Commedia Works brought with them a warmth that made everyone feel at ease and ready to try a new skill in a safe and supportive room. I challenge anyone not to enjoy this workshop!"

Ryan Kohn



"Didi is an inspiration in the way she works and the value that she brings to a session. She is warm, passionate and makes you feel that your development is very much in her heart. Everything she does feels unique and tailored to your individual needs. I came away feeling inspired and motivated after just one session."

Debbie Carne

Qualitative Research Director