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For actors In training, Commedia is an essential developmental tool. It breaks down what makes a interesting peformance – action, rhythm, physicality and storytelling. Not only that, it gives actors the opportunity to discover what they are creating and the impact it has on an audience. It is theatre from the inside and out. The Commedia charaters all have traits, traces and elements of chracaters in text based plays from Shakespeare to Chekov, from television to film and comic book. At its roots Commedia as oral tradition has much to bring to the world of text based theatre.   


Didi was the director of the acting programme at The Roundhouse Studios and has taught and directed at E15, RADA, CSSD, Mountview, Drama Centre, Rose Bruford, Italia Conti, Middlesex Univeristy, Montpelier animation school, Icelandic school of theatre, Tokyo University & many more.

We are passionate about bringing Commedia training to your students, wherever you are.

"As an actor it was great to be shown new ways of using my body to squeeze every inch of comedy out of the scene. Elliott showed us seemingly simple things that had brilliant comic effects. The session was just so much fun and I’m really pleased to have learned techniques I can use in a range of work in the future."

Imogen Comrie


Oxford School of Drama

"A great introduction to Commedia dell'Arte and a very enjoyable few hours. Elliott was animated and passionate about the subject and created a fun environment to get involved in the exercises and games. I would strongly recommend these workshops for children and adults alike."

Angus Whitehorn

Independent Talent

"I found that Elliott’s workshop was a great way for me to reconnect with my physicality as an actor – something which I often can overlook and which I find difficult to play around with on my own. He took us through some exercises in an energetic and engaging manner and by the end of the session, I felt revived and invigorated. It was like a workout at the gym for an actor!"

Deli Segal


East 15

"I can't believe there isn't more of this art form in this country and it is a shame there aren't more opportunities to develop this skill. This is something I would certainly like to do more of "

Jamie Lee-Morgan